Friday, December 5, 2008

WVFL Wild Card Preview

Last Week: 4-3
Season: 53-38

According to research rustled up by Clint, Drew Brees was the highest-scoring player in the WVFL this year. The scoring change from 50 passing yards per point to 25 certainly had an effect on our league. Sure, Brees has had a great year and all, and Tomlinson finally had a down year, but this is the first season I can remember in which not only did a back not have the most points, no running back cracked 200 points. In fact, the top 5 scoring players in the WVFL in 2008 were QBs and top WRs were more valuable than second RBs.

The thing is, I figured all of that before the draft, picked my team accordingly and it still didn't matter. Sorry to waste your great season, Anquan Boldin.

Deathfromabove (8-5) at Vanduhlay industries (7-6)

The highest-scoring 7-6 team with the fewest man games, VI claimed the final playoff spot by knocking off the Elbow last week. They practically had a blank spot from Gates Thursday night. Antonio managed to put up 0 points in a 34-7 win. Cutler, Johnson, Jacobs and Forte all have delightful matchups, but it might not be enough because the DFA matchups are preposterously good.

DFA has two Yahoo! projection rarities. 100+ for the team and 20+ for a player, Adrian Peterson. Factor in Warner at home against the Rams and various Titans against all of the Brownies and this game is going to see a lot of points.

VI is used to getting 0s from roster slots and it hasn't slowed them down much this season, so here's to the upset.

The Pick: Vanduhlay industries 110 - Deathfromabove 108

Purple Swirls (8-5) at Crafton Tough Kids (8-5)

The Swirls are not thrilled about going into Crafton to play this game. West End Stadium's historically shitty field is littered with dirt clods, mole holes, broken beer bottles and unwrapped - but also unused - condoms. Right before kickoff, Larry benched Vincent Jackson, perhaps fearing the great Nnamdi Asomugha. In a pique, Jackson put up 148 yards and a TD. Probably don't want 20 points on your bench in the playoffs, though I'm sure Amani Toomer can make that up.

Personally, I think Yahoo! is being too ambitious with their projections for Steve Smith and Westbrook. Tampa historically aces out Smith and the Giants are too good all around. Also, 20 points for Peyton Hillis? I know he's the best white tailback since Craig James, but Kansas City isn't that bad. Still, Chris Johnson and the Vikings DST should be enough to carry the day.

The Pick: Purple Swirls 89 - Crafton Tough Kids 70 (90, if Jackson played)

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