Monday, December 15, 2008

WVHL Week 10 Review

One Day With The Cup def. Whitechapel Rippers - 5-4-4

It seems like a bacon-wrapped travesty dipped in a disaster gorgonzola sauce to score 11 goals and 22 assists and just barely the win the week, but only two goalie starts will do that to you. Both goalie starts were atrocious, so at least I'm not playing the what if game.

Richards had 6 points and Knuble had 3 and the fact that Larry doesn't mind the Pens losing 6-3 on Saturday because of those points shows that fantasy sports is skewing our reality. First-round draft pick and trade untouchable Dany Heatley had 1 goal and a -2 this week. Did you know Ottawa has the fewest goals in the league this season?

***UPDATE*** - The Rippers also did not meet minimum goalie requirements, so ODWTC won 5-0-8. One of my goalies was hurt, I don't know what Whitechapel's excuse is.

Dynamo Mockba def. IC Pounders on Ice - 7-6

In two starts this week, Cristobal Huet allowed 1 goal in all. His netmates, Backstrom and Sabourin, combined for 5 losses. Not only that, Nate's 1 SO lost to the Pounders' 2! What a week between the pipes. Marleau, Elias and Dustin Brown each had 3g, 2a and Malkin had another 6 points. No wonder Nate won every offensive category except for SHG.

The Pounder goalies went 4-1 with a 1.28, .960 and 2 SO. Looking at the team's 41-56-20 record, I'm guessing they don't get that kind of performance very often. Zach Parise had 5 points and it is driving me crazy that the Devils can play boring hockey for a decade and then start scoring 5 goals a game when Brodeur finally gets hurt. God, I hate that team.

Medicine Hat def. Camelsfoot Range - 9-1-3

After finally learning out to win last week, Medicine Hat got good at it in a hurry. Marty Turco provided the Hat's one goalie loss this week and for that he was cut. Six points for Nicklas Backstrom. So is he good now, or what?

With 50 PIMs, at Caulen impressively won his one category this week. A meltdown by Jason Arnott provided 17 and Scott Niedermayer tacked on 12 more, with no points. Are we sure that wasn't actually Rob Niedermayer? Milan Lucic's provided a full 1/3rd of Camelsfoot offensive ouput.

Kitchener Ks def. Dublin Donkey Punch - 7-4-2

Eventually, you will see all sorts of statistical oddities, so how about this one: Kitchener was 2-1 in net and Dublin was 2-4...but Dublin won GAA and SV%. That, I'm pretty sure, is a new one. But it gets even more funner. One of Kitchener's wins came from a 1 GA effort from Scott Clemmensen. The loss came from Jason LaBarbera posting a 6.05/.769. The lesson, as always, is don't start/pick up/look at Jason LaBarbera.

Dublin had 9 goals and Vanek and Ryder combined for 8. Vanek had 5g, 0a and has 24 goals, 5 assists this season. He is getting his and not worrying about yours. Which is fine, because Dublin has the most total assists so far this season.

Keystone Winterhawks def. obamanators - 12-0-1

Somebody should pull the obamanators aside at the next league function and inform them that you are allowed to pick up goalies on the free agent wire. In fact, just this week there will 16 different goalie transactions. I mention this because with only two starts from Nabokov, the obamanators forfeited their L, GAA, SV% and SO wins and turned this one into a rout.

Jeff Carter has 32 points this season and it is not April yet. The Winterhawks won the SHG goal category with a single shorty will never, ever really, never...give up yet?...JOHNNY ODUYA!

Abomidable Snowmen tied The Awful Stench - 5-5-3

A furious 3 goal rally plus a PPG Sunday night spurred the Stench to a comeback. Ryan Getzlaf has cooled off considerably, with only 1a and a -1 this week. I don't think Daymond Langkow was ever hot, but he was definitely cool this week with 0 points and a -1.

There isn't too much more to say about this one except the last place team blew a 3-point lead and has to settle for a tie.

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