Sunday, December 7, 2008

WVHL Week 9 Review

Camelsfoot Range def. One Day With The Cup - 7-2-4

Facebook word games aside, I never beat Caulen. I just never do. So even though I had a 5-4 lead entering Sunday, it was like I was watching somebody go outside to investigate a strange noise in a horror movie. I knew what was going to happen, but not how.

The how was Kris Versteeg picking up 29 PIMs with 2 seconds left in the game, Kiprusoff throwing a shutout and Michael Leighton allowing 1 goal days after I dropped him for allowing 5 goals. Michael Leighton, you are a dick.

Chicago won 7-1 Sunday, only 1 goal in the whole game was on the power play and Brian Campbell had no points and was even in 21:00 of ice time. You know how hard that is to do? Hell of a way to snap a 5-week winning streak.

Dynamo Mockba def. Whitechapel Rippers - 7-4-2

The Mockba just keep on rolling, much to the surprise of their own GM. Malkin had an average 4 point week as he allowed Crosby to carry the team for a few games. On the other end of the fantasy stick is Trent Hunter, who should only be picked up in 22-team, 24-man leagues. Trent Hunter is terrible and his head is too skinny.

Mike Richards and Dany Heatley had good weeks, so they are the only Rippers not in danger of being dropped in a fit of panic or anger. Joey MacDonald's loss this week featured 5 goals allowed and a save percentage of .706, maybe the lowest save percentage I've seen this season. The Rippers were so porous in net that Carey Price's .896 is the team's high water mark.

Medicine Hat def. Dublin Donkey Punch - 6-5-2

The Donkey Punchers got tough Sunday and racked up 6 PIMs to bring their weekly total to 18. Perhaps they actually donkey punched somebody on the ice. But it was not enough to win the PIMs category and they did not do enough to win the week. Though I suppose winning the +/- with a -3 is fairly interesting.

The good news is that Medicine Hat has their first win of the year and it only took 9 weeks to do so. A 4-week losing streak and 0-6-2 record have fallen by the wayside. The bad news is that they are only moving up to 10th place.

Kitchener Ks def. obamanators - 6-5-2

Kitchener now has two straight wins over teams out of the bottom quadrant. Things are looking up! Except where Daniel Briere's groin is concerned. He's out anouther 6 weeks after testing his muscles too early. Kitchener was -7 on the week and Islander old man teammates Guerin and Weight were a combined -6. However, they will probably still be on the the United States' 2010 Olympic team.

Ilya Kovalchuk is being wasted on two teams, Atlanta and the obamanators. Incidentially, I feel like I've made that joke about a fantasy player at least 15 times this year between hockey and football. Kariya, Richards, Kostitsyn, Miettinen, Gonchar and Luongo all posted hyphens this week. - - - - - - - -. They all missed time with injuries. That's a pretty talented training room right there.

Keystone Winterhawks def. Abomidable Snowmen - 6-5-2

This score is mainly a Sunday night guess because the goalie situation is so crazy. Bryzgalov was left in for all 7 against Chicago in shade of Patrick Roy 1995, so I think the Snowmen will flip the GAA category, but the not the save % category. If I'm wrong, the Snowmen won 6-5-2 and you all found out three hours before I did out here on California time.

Even more astounding than Bryzgalov's 7.00 / .750 is that the Winterhawks won the +/- category with a -9. -9! The Snowmen were -10. Nik Antropov alone was a -6. Joe Thornton had 6 points, Lidstrom bounced back with 4, Jeff Carter continued tearing things up and Manny Fernandez parlayed a rare start into a shutout.

Joe Corvo had 0 points and a -2, so it's not all good news.

The Awful Stench def. IC Pounders on Ice - 8-3-2

The Stench burned a hole in the nets this week with 12 goals, 23 assists and a +14. Sidney Crosby had 6 assists and even Vaclav Prospal had 2 and 2.

I don't know what happened to Toronto this week, because besides Antropov's -6, Kubina had a -5 for the Pounders and if I recall, Kaberle was -4 for Camelsfoot. I guess maybe Brian Burke isn't the easy answer after all.

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