Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WVFL Wild Card Review


I feel bad that the Shruggz scored 104 and lost in the playoffs when another team scored 85 and won in the playoffs, but not as bad as I would've felt if I lost because Randy Moss fumbled, then quit and posted a -0.4 for the week.

#1 overall pick Adrian Peterson scored two touchdowns and 25.70 points...and was the THIRD best player in this matchup. Andre Johnson caught a 68-yard TD on the first play of the game and kept going until he had another 130 yards and another TD, and Ray Rice ran through Detroit with minimal resistance. In fact, Johnson, Rice, Tennessee and Garrett Hartley alone could've beaten the Whiz-Bang Gang this week.


Like a marketing VP who doesn't know anything about marketing, his company or his clients and yet keeps rising up through the ranks, infuriating his coworkers who long for day that this fraud will be exposed as such, the WBG just keep winning. We'll see if Carolina missing both of their starting tackles hampers DeAngelo Williams this week.

The Pounders could've pulled off the upset if Tim Hightower could've managed just 6.35 points Monday night. One 12-yard reception and 52 rushing yards and he's there. Alas, he fumbled early on and was benched for the rest of Arizona's drubbing, allowing the Whiz-Bangers to move on to the next round, even though they don't deserve it at all. The WBG forgets your name, so they call you Champ in the elevator.

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