Monday, October 4, 2010

WVFL Week 4 Review

For the record, I really did think I could lose this game. Peterson was out, and I wondered how real Arian Foster was. Well, as it turns out, he's very real, posting 2 TDs and 30 points despite being benched one quarter for disciplinary foofaraw. And, as it also turns out, Davone Bess and San Diego combined for 43 points in the greatest free agent pick up spot starts in WVFL history. As it lastly turns out, I'm your Toyota Greatest Fantasy Victor for the second week in a row. One more of those next week and get a free 6-month lease on a Prius.

Randy Moss did not have a single catch this week, further showing how much control I have over Tom Brady. And Webster can't even console himself with Joe Flacco's game-winning TD pass meaning anything in this game, as it meant beyond nothing.

What can you even say when a team doesn't crack 52, even with a 20-point effort from the QB? Well, probably a lot, but what's the point, really? Cedric Benson's 60 yards was the most any Elbow gained this week. Rough.

I was right about Forte either scoring 20 or 5, but I was wrong about everything else in this matchup. In fact, the actual result here is practically an inverse of my prediction. There were rumblings of Addai missing the game, and instead he had two touchdowns. And will Braylon Edwards please make up his mind about whether he's good or not?

The Hawks fall to 1-3 on the season, despite scoring 109 and 107 the last two weeks. You should all be extremely happy that I don't run the Hawks or else this review would be more rambling than the manifesto of that guy who took over the Discovery Channel building.

After being run over by the Toyota last week, the Finest bounced back with the 2nd-most points this week. Call them the Almost Finest. How the Browns pulled out that win while allowing Owens 222 yards is beyond me and Mendenhall's second touchdown was a doubly joyous run in the Henry household.

Well, well, well. If it isn't the Potemkin Swirls. The Vick thing of course blew up in Caulen's face, but at least it wasn't the reason he lost. Everybody else anti-pitched in as well. It's just a shame that the Swirls wasted a good game from DeAngelo Williams, an increasing rarity.

Did anybody notice that the Packers almost actually lost to the Lions? It's true! No, really. Even with Rodgers, Driver and the DST combining to give Larry 49 points, they only beat Detroit by 2. I've offered to trade Larry Ricky Williams and maybe that will pick up steam after another dud from Ronnie Brown. Or maybe not. I'm sure Ahmad Bradshaw's badly tweaked ankle will be fine.

Even though he didn't break 70, Tony was still high Kress for the week. He and his boys easily went 0-3 in Week 4, only scoring 187.68 points combined and losing by a total of 118.02. By coming up only 34 points short, TK also played the closest game of a Kress this week. It was a bad week. The good news is, hockey is starting soon.

Mike Wallace of course only had 2 points after the Tampa Bay game, probably as revenge for being benched. And although it seems like Tony finally stumbled into a halfway usable quarterback, Sam Bradford was left on the bench this week. Which means he'll get the start next week and only score 2.

Kyle Orton is secretly the best QB in the league right now, and I know Ken Whisenhunt is an offensive guy, but maybe after the first 100 yards receiving, you put more than a linebacker on Antonio Gates. Darren McFadden popped his hamstring, Ray Rice is kinda hurt and John Kuhn is extremely white, so the 102 points sorta mask the Crusaders' problems at running back.

In the StatTracker box, there's a tab for Optimal Lineup. It shows you the points you could've scored in a week with your, well, optimal lineup. The QB Shruggz should've started this week?Brett Favre, who had a bye. Jay Cutler had -1.32. And Shruggz still won!

Chris Johnson was outscored by Peyton Hillis by 12.6 points. Not one fantasy expert out there suggested drafting Peyton Hillis first overall, however. But as it stands, Hillis has 63 points this year and Johnson has 59. This may be part of the reason while perennial contender DFA is 1-3 right now.

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