Monday, December 20, 2010

WVFL Conference Championship Review


Well, now I know how Johnny felt at the end of The Karate Kid. Bad. He felt bad.

Now, it would be megalomaniacal to say everybody is happy that I lost. But this entire column has been megalomaniacal for three years now, so...everybody is happy that I lost. Also, the universe is against me.

Actually, the WVFL might be against #1 seeds. After a 3-year stretch from '05-'07 where the league's #1 regular season won the title, I'm now the 3rd straight Presidents Trophy winner to fall short in the playoffs.

I've spent the past two years arguing that fantasy football is based mainly on luck, so I'm not quite sure why the fates were compelled to remind me of that. I assume it's because they're fickle. Here's a list of the cards they dealt me this week:

- Our league doesn't reseed in the playoffs, I would've beaten the lowest seed
- Foster plays one quarter, goes out
- Peterson misses the entire game
- Jennings has a backup quarterback
- Bowe has a hurt quarterback
- Vick is contained for 40 minutes, then engineers an historically great comeback
- Jamaal Charles runs 80 yards, is tackled on the 2, Thomas Jones runs it in

Those are a lot of snake eyes for one team to handle.

To give credit to Caulen, he did post 106 points. That is all.

HAWKS 80.82 - ST. A'S CRUSADERS 130.16
Probably not anybody was going to slow down the Crusaders, so the Hawks shouldn't hang their heads too low. Just medium low. Chin touching the chest, but shoulders not slumped too far forward. We could talk more about their individual players, but all that really matters is that Ray Rice and Jamaal Charles finally produced to their potential. And Charles did it on 11 carries. As somebody else pointed out, Todd Haley gave his super-speedy, home run back 11 carries, and made his fresh out of surgery quarterback throw 25 times. Todd Haley is seriously very fucking stupid.


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