Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AFFL Week 6 Review

Went 6-0 with the picks for a second straight week, put up the highest weekly total of the league to date, got Scott all riled up again, AND I can flip over easy eggs right in the pan without breaking the yolks? Good God, wanna kiss myself.

While the 137.3 is mighty impressive on its own, it could've been 150 had I started Dez. However, I knew I had to bench Dez so he could finally score his first TD of the year. It was a love something, set it free type deal. Fortunately, franchise player AJ Green (aka TD Green, aka 18=6, aka #1 WR in the league) continued his streak of being awesome every week, with yet another TD and 25 points. Eric Decker fell down in the open field like only a white receiver could do, but made up for it with a touchdown later, and the Denver defense put up 27 during that ridiculous comeback.

Amazingly, the Knight had the 4th highest point total of the week behind me, Gary and...the Knight BENCH. Yes, that bench put up 94.3 points. Shonn Greene had his only good game of the year (and best of his career), Russell Wilson went off, and even Mike Williams caught a long TD. With his optimal lineup in, the Knight could've scored 139. Tough loss. For you, maybe. Me, I won.

Self-serving reminder: I called this upset on Friday. On Sunday, Timmy posted something about being 0-6, maybe not realizing he was ahead at the time. Poor guy can't even flame out properly. Then he posted something about having a fire sale, although he didn't clarify if he'd be picking up any players worth trading for first. His most interesting guy is Greg Zuerlein.

I predicted Scott would score 73 points this week. Had he picked up Christian Ponder, like I recommended, he would've scored 73.6. Sometimes I even amaze myself, folks! Peterson still had no TDs, Morris was held in check a bit, and we covered that Antonio Brown garbage on Friday. Ugh. Todd Haley.

I'm sure Scott had a great time Monday hoping Malcom Floyd could scratch out another 41 yards receiving. Such is life.

Barker lit a Calvin Johnson trade flare on Sunday afternoon. Though I'm certain Bri offered up Cam within 3 minutes of that announcement, I'm not sure I get it. Remember last year how big Cal had like 9 TDs in the first 5 games and that wasn't sustainable? Only 1 TD in his first 5 games this year isn't sustainable either. And Chest is a playoff team. I unno. What do I know? Besides that Chest will desperately be searching for a new QB in two weeks?

Aaron Rodgers had literally half of his team's points this week, giving new meaning to the franchise name. That vaunted Niners D, drafted ahead of Alfred Morris, CJ Spiller, and Peyton Manning, had -1 point in the same week the Denver D had 27. Folks, don't ever draft a defense before the last two rounds.

Actually, between Gore, Crabtree, Moss, and the defense, that Giants domination really did not help MRN this week.

There's not too much to say when one team loses by 54, so let me take a second to point out to Gary that I would've handled him easily this week. Before he starts feeling all high and mighty with his shady Ray Rice draft treasure.

Ryan Mathews and Brandon Lloyd are still failing to deliver on all of that preseason fantasy hype. And Dwayne Bowe continues being a 4/22 guy. He either scores 4 or 22.

Bri got away with one here, though it's not like Larry deserved to move to 4-2 with the 4th-fewest points in the league. Now that he knows he can win without Cam, how serious does Bri get about trading that guy for a star who can help him win this year? Cam-watch 2012 is officially underway!

LeSean McCoy could be so much better without Andy Reid. You're at home, you're struggling, you're playing against a terrible defense, and your best player touches the ball 14 times? Andy Reid is the worst. When he's coaching Jacksonville in 2014, the 3-13 seasons are going to pile up like cordwood.

The only silver lining for Larry in this loss is that thanks to bye weeks, he didn't make a bad lineup decision that cost him the game. His general overall suckiness cost him the game instead.

Another lucky 5-1 team here. And another moment of self-congratulation, if you can believe it. I predicted OFR to score 55 this week. I mean...seriously, folks! I'm as impressed as you are!

The best #1 fantasy champion guy in the world, Robert Griffin III, dominated another game with 33 points. Why hasn't Abba's franchised him yet? Is it because they think 2013 is really going to be Mendenhall's year? Is it because they know once teams have enough game tape on Griffin, he'll follow the Cam career arc? Ah, I'm sure it's something else.

The highest OFR scorer this week was the Giants defense with 13. That was the only starting position in double digits, in fact. Hilarious!

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s_albert said...

Floyd is the best $1.40 I ever spent in this league! Sadly, he is my best WR. Funny thing is that Timmy retracted his fire sale. I guess he thinks he has a shot at the playoffs now...lucky three TD gettin' M-fer!

Krog Blog, you were dead on with your picks. Couldn't believe my eyeballs when I seen how close the score of my game was to your prediction. Everyone else probably felt the same way while they were tracking the live scoring Sunday & Monday nights (sense the sarcasm.)

Final Word (from my partner Little Jimmy): Other than Krog Blog, you owners are the most boring, uninterested, uninteresting group of bitches ever!