Monday, December 17, 2012

AFFL Conference Championship Review

Before we start, a note about Scott Albert, who hilariously had a monster day the week after he was eliminated from the playoffs. Brees scored 27, Peterson had 27, Morris had 21, and even the Texans defense had 14 as Scott racked up 123 totally pointless points, the best and most useless total of the week.

Great work, Scotty!

Although it's kind of foolish to look at fantasy football game like it's an actual game with a chronological order since every play during the entire day is a factor, one could argue that this matchup came down to a single series in the Cowboys game. Down 24-17, Dallas tried to pass on 1st and 2nd and goal, with both balls being knocked away. On 3rd and goal, DeMarco Murray ran it in. Take 6 points away from Gary and add 4 to Brian for a Romo TD pass, and you have a totally different result.

That one series was just another step on Gary's 2012 Path of Destiny. Getting only 4 points from Ray Rice (so...Jim Caldwell ISN'T the solution?!?!?) and still winning, leaving 24 points from James Jones on the bench and still winning, somehow getting 10 points from Cecil Shorts when Jacksonville got mauled 24-3, these are other steps. And don't forget the 35 points he got from former ISISers, DeMarco Murray and Erick Decker.

(At this point, I admit that a team of Dalton, AP, Murray, Dez, Marshall and Decker would be romping through the playoffs right now. Good times.)

Although I mentioned weeks ago that it would be hilarious when Brian got crushed in the playoffs because the Bears didn't score a defensive TD, he mainly lost because he had unbelievably bad injury luck. Romo was good, but Griffin clearly would've ripped up the Browns, and McCoy is hurt, and Cruz got hurt early on in Sunday's game, and Joe Flacco sucks so bad that Boldin might as well have been hurt. Just such bad luck. Which is also hilarious. But he handled it with grace and dignity, which is more than I'm doing right now.

If you're wondering (and I know you're not), Larry got crunched in our other league, so he really needed this win. Nothing like getting 40 points from your kicker and defense when you really need them. Who said starting a kicker and defense isn't important?! In fact, Larry got 40 points from Graham and Arizona, and less than 5 from Eli and Doug Martin.

Traded away before the season, Matthew Stafford still found a way to kill Bri this week by throwing 3 picks, 2 of which were returned for touchdowns. Though Bri is not surprised by this lost, as his fateful emails to me all season indicated that he had no real faith in his team. Cam was fine (I was wrong on him there), Foster was decent, Lynch was nice, but it just wasn't enough when it mattered. It didn't help that Bri had no kicker since Gould went on IR after the early roster freeze. That roster freeze, it's like if Christmas shopping was outlawed after December 2nd. It's so early!

So...I don't know. Bri said all along that his team wasn't good enough to go all the way this year, and I guess he was right. Nothing from White, nothing from Gould, some super crazy good luck on the other side and that, as they say, is that.

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