Tuesday, December 11, 2012

AFFL Wild Card Review

The Krog Blog Fantasy Football Preview n' Review Rhythm & Blues Revue debuted this season to great excitement initially. Then the energy, uniqueness and appreciation of it waned, eventually descending into outright hostility from some people that millenials and white trash would call "haterz."

Basically, this blog is Russell Brand without the accent.

Ohhhhhhhhh my GOODness. One. Tenth. Of a point. There are about a thousand things you can look at (and then laugh about or cry about) with a score like that. Larry's defense only having -1 points despite Arizona losing 58-0. Scott's defense only having 1 single point. The Pats dominating Houston so much that they never needed to pause for a Gostkowski field goal. Welker dropping at least 4 catchable passes. Drew Brees having -1 rushing yard. Or, as Bri pointed out, one more Patriot yard lost on a kneel down. Or, let's not forget, Houston scoring a TD late in garbage time, which allowed Shayne Graham to kick a meaningless extra point. Meaningless in the NFL game, that is. In the AFFL game, it was the final bullet in Scott's mangled corpse.

So it looks like having the #1 running back in the league didn't help Scott so much after all.

On the other side, Larry benched Nicks for Rice minutes before kickoff, and with Nicks outscoring Rice 12.7 - 3.5, we would've needed to put him on suicide watch for about two months if he had lost.

I haven't been in the league for long, but something tells me it would've been incredibly fitting and appropriate if Gary lost this game because somebody on the other team recovered a a teammate's fumble in the end zone. But alas, Lloyd was in the bench in favor of Jermaine Gresham, and so it was not to be.

Also unfortunate is that Animal House jumped on David Wilson in the draft, signed him to a 3-year deal, then had to watch as Wilson was benched for most of the season. And then this week - out of nowhere and for no reason - Wilson just absolutely went off for 22 points. Naturally, Wilson was on the Animal House bench because...I mean, how would he not be? Great game from Jamaal Charles and Kenny Britt...just totally wasted.

Maybe we should just all prepare ourselves for it being Gary's year. After all, he benched Ryan in favor of Luck, leaving 10 extra points on the bench. Bradshaw only posted a 3.3, but that didn't hurt him. And in the craziest fluke bit of luck of all of them, Ben's barely forward pass was somehow ruled a lateral, then somehow not overturned by review. And that defensive touchdown for the Chargers, aka Gary's defense, was the winning margin in this matchup.

Oh, and now he gets to play Abbadabba's riiiiiiiight when Griffin might miss another game.


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