Wednesday, December 10, 2014

AFFL Wild Card Review

SEASON: 50-37

My point predictions were pretty good this week. They were 75% great, in fact. I predicted that HGAC would score 104; they scored 101.2. I predicted that Timmy Doesn't Have Any Friends would score 65; they scored 69. I predicted that Lothbrok would score 68; they scored 64.8.

There was really only one score I was a little bit off on...


I predicted that Little Baby Jesus would score 64; they scored 126.9. I only missed that one by 62 points. Little Baby Jesus doubled up on my prediction just like they doubled up on Lothbrok. I was mildly annoyed that I made such a bad pick, but I think Gary has had a nuclear meltdown here.

You see, I wanted to do another podcast review this week and have a very special guest join me. I emailed Gary Monday morning asking if he wanted to talk about it, if he wanted to call in to the podcast. He told me that he stopped watching football after the Steeler game ended and maybe I'd rather have Little Baby Jesus on it. I replied that it would be much more interesting to have him on, but there was no reply. Then yesterday he sent out the updated playoff bracket with less than 10 words accompanying it. And on a separate thread in which we were trying to arrange cards, he simply replied "I'm out for December."


Gary is mad, folks.

I think he actually thought he had a good team this year even though I kept telling him he didn't.

Even though I had pointed out repeatedly that his team was basically Luck, Julius, and then some random FA pickup fortunately having a huge week. Gary's team was basically a brownstone facade on a Hollywood studio lot. It looks great from the outside. It looks real. The stoop, the intricate brick work, the wonderful window frames...those were the great scoring weeks Gary had. Then you get a little closer and realize, hey, these bricks are actually rubber sheeting laid over plywood. Then you walk through the front door and realize you are still outside. It is nothing but a facade. No roof, no walls, just the back of the plywood and some electrical equipment. Maybe a union guy eating a hoagie. That is what counting on Forsett, Wallace, Hill, Sanu, and Allen is.

It just wasn't a good team. Gary should be excited that he even made the playoffs and can earn a little scratch to offset his 2015 league fees. Other than that, there is nothing for him to do until next season besides convince himself he can trade Sanu, Hill, and Patterson for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd picks in the 2015 draft. That and all the running the league stuff, of course.

As for the game itself, Luck outperformed his matchup with a late comeback, but Forsett stunningly did not score 31 points this week. Jeremy Hill hasn't been as useful since Gio returned, Wallace has been a problem all year, Sanu hasn't been as good since A.J. returned, and Keenan couldn't shake Revis at all, as we expected in the preview.

And it's not like Gary made bad lineup decisions this week. He bench was somehow worse. McFadden 0.5; Patterson -0.4; Terrance Williams and Julius Thomas 0.

If you don't draft well, kids, you end up chasing luck all year long and eventually that luck will run out at an inopportune time.

I said that starting Jonathan Stewart was a desperate cry for help and because fantasy football is hilarious, Stewart had a 70-yard TD run in the 1st quarter on his way to 21.5 points. Ellington has been sent to IR, so let's see if Stewart can follow it up, but a great game here. Sembrat again benched Sammy Watkins for some reason, but this was a such a good week for LBJ that that ended up being the correct decision. Watkins' 11.7 points were less than every skill position starter. 20.5 damn points for Edelman! Mike Evans continues to be unstoppable with 16.5 points, and Gronk chipped in 15.

I had predicted that Gary would be sweating out Rodgers on Monday night. Instead, Rodgers took a victory lap and did some turf donuts on the infield. His 25.7 points just served to run up the score.

Fun fantasy football note: If Animal House had somehow fallen to the #3 seed in Week 13, they would've lost their Wild Card game 126.9 - 125.9 which would've been incredible and amazing and outstanding.


The great Drew Brees, the fulcrum of Scott's 2014 season, scored 10.4 points this week. You know who had more points than Brees this week? GENO SMITH. Geno had 13.7 points, despite throwing a pick six on THE FIRST PLAY OF THE GAME!

Marshawn Lynch did his part with 16.3, but no mortal man can make up for Bishop Sankey and his 2.7 points. Ugh. Torrey Smith was a mainly a decoy due to his injury on Sunday, which was a bad break because Scott left Andre Williams and his 20.7 points on the bench. The only silver lining there is that another 20 points for Scott would only have covered the spread.

The other slightly positive takeaway for Scott is this game will help him get ready for 2015 when he won't be able to break 70 points in any of his games.

It was a nice game for HGAC this week, but it's not like anybody is surprised that they won. I'm sure McCamey is probably pumping himself up for the semi-finals by noting that he would've beaten me this week 101.2 - 99.9, but you gotta get it done when it counts, man.

Speaking of which, since I am in the second round and scored enough points during my bye to have beaten Scott if I played him, I am counting that as a playoff victory. I am no longer winless in the playoffs! Hooray for me! And we can put that tired old trope to bed now.

Anyway, good games all around for HGAC, and once Beckham had like 70 yards and a TD in the first quarter, his points combined with Murray's Thursday night 28.8 basically ended this game early. Foster and Ben needlessly ran up the score, and since all the drama had been taken out of the room, nobody had to pay attention to the fact that Demaryius Thomas only scored 1.1 points. Or that Tate, Thomas, Santos, and Miami combined to score only 7.1 points. Probably nothing to be concerned about as the playoffs heat up next week. Getting 20+ from 4 guys and under 5 from 4 guys is a viable long-term strategy.

If you recall, and I'm sure you do, a few weeks ago when discussing playoff possibilities, I mentioned that the AFFL in 2014 had a "Power Four." Four teams that could score 100+ in any given week, the four best teams in the league. Those teams? ISIS, Animal House, HGAC, and Little Baby Jesus. All four of those teams scored 100 points in the Wild Card round whether they were active or on a bye. Four of the league's top 5 scorers are still alive, and any of them would make a worthy 2014 championship.

The league has worked out perfectly this year. More on that Friday...

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