Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm so glad Fred Thompson is finally in the race. What this country really needs to lift it up out of the doldrums right now is a man who's been notoriously lazy and directionless his entire life. Didn't think of being an actor until somebody offered him a job. Didn't think of running for president until he was basically crowbarred out of his chaise lounge.

Plus, his overnight transformation from Hollywood gladhandler to cornpone hick right off the farm means we'll all get to enjoy his acting skills for the next year.

No! I swear! I really am jus' a simple country boy. With millions and millions of dollars.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Let's all stop what we're doing for a second today and offer some mental congratulations to the makers of Good Luck Chuck. Their trailer just set the record for Most Physical Comedy In One Trailer.

Way to go, guys! Only by making a movie without anything good in it whatsoever can you even dream of winning that prestigious title.

Seann William Scott, the ball is in your court!